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We’re here to lead the way for the next wave of disruptive FinTechs across the UK, Europe and the World, to turn those “no, that’s impossible” to “yes, anything is possible”.​

Job Intro

On the search for.

At sync. money we are looking for a ‘super-hero’ DevOps Engineer. An incredible new team player to join our family and help us to make a real difference. Someone that will collaborate with team members to improve the company’s engineering tools, systems, process and data security.

Role Description

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with background in FinTech.


  • Working with our Development Teams, within a Scrum framework.
  • Design and implement robust procedures for deployment to development and production environments to minimise downtime and proactively address information security risks through principles of shared responsibility across our AWS platform.
  • Build and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) solutions and automate the code delivery pipeline with the goal of one-click deployments, rollbacks, and parameterised builds.


  • Know-How of deploying to AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience of using Cloudformations/Terraform for creating Infrastructure-As-Code.
  • Experience with monitoring solutions such as NewRelic, StackDriver, Prometheus, etc.
  • Know-How of CI/CD Pipelines and Automated Deployments.
  • Experience with Linux and Docker.
  • Excellent understanding with Distributed Systems: Scaling, Fault-Tolerance, Load-Balancing, Networking, Security, etc…
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.
  • Good understanding of Nodejs.

Other skills required as a DevOps Engineer include:

  • English speaking, with multiple languages beneficial.
  • Hardworking, willing to take responsibility but also a co-worker.
  • Proactive, willing to get involved with the wider team and helping where possible.
  • Being passionate about your job and taking the initiative on coming up with new ideas how we can improve our product, culture and company. You are part of the community but a user too!
  • Willing to learn but also to coach others where possible.
  • Understanding about the importance of our product, the customer experience to peoples everyday lives and the need to support them where appropriate.

About Sync. Engineering

At sync. Engineering we aim high, we dream big, and we are relentless in our goal of transforming Banking and the Personal Finance landscape.

We are a highly skilled team that enjoys disrupting the established notions of how things get done. We thrive with the challenge of accomplishing big things even when others doubt they are possible and we are firm believers that success happens because we get things done as a team.

It’s also all about creativity, fun, and growth along the way! We will help you develop and sharpen your skills, encouraging you to grow and participate in architecture decisions and continuous Agile improvements.

FinTech industry is full of challenges and it moves at high speeds. We keep up, as a flexible and fast delivery startup, adapting to new situations and encouraging individuals to shape their career paths within the company.

In short, you’ll be responsible for building an awesome and solid product that resonates with users, a product grounded on quality and performance, built amidst a highly skilled team.

Sync. up!


Will depend on the location, position and experience of the candidate.

United Kingdom



One Canada Square

Canary Wharf

E14 5AB

Spain (Europe)

Calle Granada

Centro Historico



Sheikh Zayed Rd

Gate Avenue, Zone D, Level 1


Company Description

Who we are.

sync. is a young and exciting FinTech company headquartered at Level39 in Canary Wharf in the Centre of London with a second hub in the Historical Centre of Malaga, Spain, right next to the Picasso Museum and currently expanding into MENA. Our driving ambition is to save people time and money. It’s what motivates us to come in to work every morning knowing that we could be making a real difference to people’s lives.

We combine the very best of features and services across the market, whilst also creating our own, to make a unique product that can be everything to everyone. We always say that great products are built by great teams. We’re very much on our way to building both but need more great people to achieve all of our lofty goals and ambitions. Are you that person? Scroll down to Apply now!

Why the ✖️, crossover, where old banking meets the new world of innovation, disruption and inclusion. We are sync. and you could be too.

Read more about us on our blog or follow our latest news on Twitter.

What we do.

We are aiming to lead the way in Smart Open Banking. We allow users to instantly open a current GBP &/or EUR account in minutes and we provide them with the ability to open up to 30+ other currency accounts. Users are able to exchange currencies between their accounts at the best rates and transfer money worldwide and unbeatable rates. Learn more about our features here.

sync.’s USP is to allow users to synchronise all of their financial accounts (bank, credit, loan and mortgage accounts) in one app, as one experience by utilising our AISP snd PISP licenses. By being able to budget, manage and track all of their accounts and expenses in one place, offering our users unrivalled user experience as a money management platform and be their financial advisor.

This then translates into tailored recommendations on how to save time and money through our marketplace of products from numerous financial and retail service providers that we have deals with.

"Our ultimate goal is for our users to better understand their saving, spending and investing habits and to make easy, simple, beautiful and accessible to everyone".

What we offer.

>  Salary package that rewards you.

Hard-working, dedicated and talented people deserve to be rewarded and that’s why we offer you a salary and bonus package that will reward you for your contribution.

>  Flexible hours for a flexible lifestyle.

We know flexibility is important in this day and age. We also know we can trust you to know when you’re at your best, which is why we encourage working smarter not harder.

>  Satisfying and fulfilling.

Both of our offices are stocked with plenty of snacks and drinks for you to enjoy.

>  A workplace for you.

Choose between our City Centre office in London or by the beach in Malaga. Regardless of which one you choose we’ll make sure you’re using the best equipment available.

>  Discounts to cash in on.

Use our dedicated employee portal to save you time and money at some of your favourite retailers and restaurant.

Some other benefits.

>  An office you can call home.

Use our beautiful office space to organise and run events planned by our team, for our team, for a fun filled evening. Feel free to get involved and organise some yourself!

>  Opportunities to Grow.

We love when people join us and stay with us and that’s why we offer you amazing growth opportunities. You have the opportunities for promotions, internal transfers and even international transfers as we look to open up more offices worldwide.

If you want to build sync. in your country or in your city then tell us, push us and help us expand our technology and values to your home.

>  Our products are for everyone, and so are our offices.

We value diversity on an individual level. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where people can share their own diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives & ideas.

sync. money is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

Ready To Take The Leap?

Feel like you’re ready to accept the challenge and embark on a new and exciting chapter of your life? Click below to apply for the  DevOps Engineer job role at sync. money and let’s make a difference together.


This Role is for direct applications only and our HR Department will not be responding to any Recruitment Agencies that contact us.

Let’s make a difference.


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